GJ "Down is the same and over, up is across and under"

This is Lauren's very succinct description of the kimura where the hand is pointed toward the mat, you grab straight and then reach over the top of the arm to secure the grip. The americana you reach across the body and come under the arm.

Warm-up included jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, Thai neck pummeling, side shuffle, carioca, skip squat, shooter's walk, shooting under the heavy bag.

We then did single/double leg shots from circling, two step lunge walk with a 90o turn. Also worked on sprawling, hips down and "laces to the mat".

Today we did thai reaction;

Guard movement

We also discussed the figure four position at is strength for submissions, showing it in standing kimura, americana, and guillotine. I just wanted to introduce the concept and strength of the figure four.

Had people practice inserting off the punch and then going to an arsenal that they feel comfortable using. The key is a strong insertion and THEN using your "arsenal", be it boxing, thai boxing, jeet kune do, judo, wrestling, or just fighting dirty.

Discussed the Fundamental Exam, I would like to see everyone be able to do

Also held some rounds for Kelly and Joe. I noticed that in practice I will often have a theme, however I often lose that theme when holding after practice. I will have to make note of themes or areas that I want to work with my fighters and hold pads accordingly. Training without a plan is just bad form.

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