JKD & BJJ "Controlled asswhipping...the only way to improve"

Today's title quote is from Billy Stamp (one-half of Brains and Brawn, Inc. :-D ) and he's right the only way to make yourself better is to get "beat" and to "lose" a lot. If people cannot push you, and threaten to beat you, then the only point of training is to stroke your own ego.

Worked double sticks:
Start open, angle 1 right roof, leftt hits hand, right jab, left forehand, right backhand, left redondo, closed position.
Angle 2 pass, right forehand, left back hand, right redondo, go to open.
Keys are angling and attack short and long not trying to cross the sticks at the same spot.
When sparring double stick vs. single -- single wants to crash, while double wants to stay open.

BJJ Drills

Inside leg trip (drop ouchi gari) to ankle pick. As opponent steps out of trip, cup opposite heel and pull horizontally across mat.

Flower sweep
From guard control one sleeve, slip opposite hand under thigh. Simultaneously bump ribs (thigh grip side), lift thigh, and make a huge C with opposite leg -- going through where opponents legs used to be. Set up can be "forced" by walking or jerking hip into place, unbalancing opponent making him open to sweep, arm bar or oma plata.

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