1st GJ MT Fightcamp Day #2 "Wet Noodle School of Fighting"

Extreme training teaches you a lot about yourself, it teaches you how far your real limits are while incorporating new information under stressful mental and physical conditions. I learned that I love pain, it is my friend.

Same shadowboxing warm-up with a slightly longer run today.

Elbow combinations


Reaction Drill

Conditioning Drills

Oh yeah the Wet Noodle School of Fighting is part of the emphasis on relaxation in all parts of training. The more relaxed your are training the faster and more powerful your striking becomes. Plus your body will be more efficient and less prone to wear out and injury. If relaxed is your state of mind on the pads, in timing, and during sparring, you will function the same way in ring, in a self-defense situation, and in life!

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