Goshin Jitsu: Sparring Practice

Oh happy Saturdays and beating on people!

I worked two rounds each with Jeff, Matt and Jim. Fortunately they took it easy on me =D I'm being far too flat footed and not circling enough on defense, possibly because I'm at least 20 lbs. heavier than any of the three and was trying to give them a target to hit (nuts ain't it).

I really like using the concept of "spiral footwork", that is, when moving in any combat sport or self-defense situation, henceforth shortened to "engagment", distance and lateral movement are key. In pure defense a tight or wide spiral will usually place you in a better spot, for example, in boxing or wrestling to get off the ropes or counter strong lock-up. After good offense the best way to get out is to spiral. On offense the spiral works as part of the CorkscrewTM, using either jab-cross-(power-side step with) hook to land a cross, kick or shot. The complimentary corkscrew uses a jab-hook to go the other way. Using the FMA triangular footwork really helps to set this up.

Also did about 20 minutes of BJJ with Paolo. With his solid base, sweeping him is very hard. I also noticed he did not engage his feet early in the open guard. I've seen Jack pushing on the legs back and to the side early, a much more dynamic and distablizing guard. Something to try. I'm tired, sorry about the poor spelling and grammar.

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