We started with a light warm-up before Jeff took us through mid-section damaging techniques. Gear used was belly pad and thai pads:
  1. Tiip reaction
    Standard thai boxing warm-up with the addition of tiip reaction. The holder would advance with pads down and the fighter would tiip the belly pad.
  2. Knee combinations
    We isolated the knee combinations, e.g. 1-knee, 2-knee, knee combinations #1-4, H-C-knee, C-H-knee, etc.
  3. Knee combinations with skip knees
    As in the previous round but this time we if we ended with the knee we looped the head (tracing the glove from the outside to inside line over holder heads) and threw 3 skip knees and turned until told to throw to kick or punch range.
  4. Trick play practice
    We selected one trick play and worked on technically developing it.
Following the rounds I talked about the the transition into and out of knees and how to set up the knee to long range transition more dynamically. When entering from long to kne range add an "extra" strike by feeding a hard, fast outside neck grab.
When exiting this range from the lead knee and lead head control, push obscuring the vision and to open your line consider "trapping" or dragging their guard out of the way for the cross. Consider cross-uppercut/hook-cross or cross-lead kick.
Exiting the knee range from the rear knee and lead head control, pull and "trap" the guard opening the short straight hook. Consider hook-rear uppercut or hook-rear kick.
Next we reviewed entering using the jab and Starfish. In this case we use a long, quick jab to intermittently probe our opponents defense. Thus suddenly altering the range and following the jab sets up the combination. Alternatively, if our opponent is throwing stiff jabs, we follow their jab riding it in off our cover.
We followed with knee play. It is important here to note that if you duck walk in and posture you must bear hug to remove your opponent's leverage at the hips.
We finished with a Tabata interval round

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