GJ Very tacky...WTF does that mean

After practice we glued our training area's wrestling mats together into one mat, during that time we pondered the instructions of "wait until very tacky".
We warmed up with 4 x 2 minutes of shadowboxing before working on our long distance weapons with 3 x 2 minute rounds of
  1. Front hand sparring
    Both sides with boxing gloves. Essentially any offense with the front hand -- jab, uppercut, hook, and even backhand -- but no other tools. All defensive tools, i.e. both sides can be used.
  2. Tiip the puncher
    Both sides with boxing gloves, one side wearing belly pad. The side wearing the belly pad is boxing and attempting to close. They may defend the tiip. The other side can defend and throw either side tiip to the belly pad.
Next we worked on range transition into and out of knee play. Both sides with boxing gloves, one side wearing belly pad. We did 2 minute rounds of:
  1. J-C-LH-outside rear hand grab-rear knee-step and pull-LH-C-LH
  2. J-LH-C-outside lead hand grab-lead knee-push-C-LH-C
In both cases occlude the vision with the grabbing hand to open the punching line. Also use different levels throwing shots to the kidneys or midsection to get the hands away from the head.
For pads we worked 2 minute rounds of focus mitts work on:
  1. Basic boxing
    Combinations of jab, cross, hook, overhand, and uppercut with reactions.
  2. Range decision making
    Starting from basic boxing the fighter gets into reactions at this point they most make a choice:
    1. Exit using good footwork, e.g. Checkmark or Jin
    2. Clinch and go to plum
    3. Takedown, more for MMA but also available for MT
  3. Clinch to punch range transition
    Starting from the clinch position with the feeder having a good waist grip, the fighter works to knee range, throws 1-3 light knees to the focus mitts, and then throws partner to punch range, landing C-LH-C.
We finished with 3 minute rounds of mixed timing and knee play rounds. Starting in timing and then when the person on deck called for it the fighters transitioned to knee play and back out again if timing was again called. This isolates each but allows for the transition from one to another within one round. Drills from Jeet Kune Do are often set up like this, highlighting the transitions.

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