Supplemental Training "I do not predict. I come in and fight." -- Andrei Arlovski

Fight Plan Worksheet
The Fight Plan Worksheet
The Fight Plan Worksheet was introduced to me by my muay thai coach, Ryan Blackorby as a pre-competition activity of writing down and hence visualizing basic attack, defense, and trick plays as well as a a few things that your coach has been yelling at you for the past few weeks. This exercise has served me well, this is just a formalized version of it.
Jim, Joe, Matt and I met for some thai training today. Our "warm-up" was jogging up to the Hill and then doing sprints. The drill is sprinting approximately 100 meters half of which is up 30o incline within 1 minute. 10 times. After this light "warm-up" we jogged back to the Bugeishako and started are workout.
We did 8 x 2 minute rounds of shadowboxing with a 30 second rest interval. One person sat out as a coach and advised the fighters shadowboxing. This is beneficial for both sides, coaching makes better competitors and having someone critique you is always helpful.
Our pad rounds were 2 minutes and individually devised working on a set of tools that each fighter wanted to develop:
  1. CorkscrewTM combinations
    We worked our angling by throwing combinations with lead or rear and open or close corkscrew, e.g.
    • Lead-Close: reverse 3 (J-LH-C)
    • Rear-Close: 3-cross
    • Lead-Open: Kicking combination #4
    • Rear-Open: Kicking combination #3
  2. Kick provoked reaction
    We revisited the kick provoked reaction drills as well as adding two new ones
    • "Kick reaction cross" -- L/RK-high cover (C)-C-LH-C
    • "Kick reaction hook" -- L/RK-side cover (LH)-C-LH-C
    • "Kick reaction kick" -- L/RK-leg cover/evade (kick)-C-LH-C
    • "Kick reaction tiip" -- L/RK-scoop (tiip)-C-LH-C
  3. Slipping
    Slipping and simultaneously throwing punches is an excellent method for dealing with a taller fighter.
    • "Slip Jab/Hook" -- Lead Rip (to body)-C-LH
    • "Slip Cross" -- Rear Rip (to body)-LH-C
  4. Outside to Knee to Outside
    Transitions are the areas that make or break fights. Our work on transitions entered with a cross hook to the knee and then opened the range again:
    • C-LH-outside neck grab w/ rear-RKn-step up and pull-LH-C-LH
    • C-LH-outside neck grab w/ lead-LKn-push at diagonal w/ lead hand-C-LH-C
    • C-LH-outside neck grab w/ either then loop over to plum-Kn-throw to kick range-head kick
I'm jonsing for strudel.

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