JKD & BJJ Working with what you got

Today in BJJ we reviewed the triangle, starting with the basic set-up when your opponent reaches through your legs to pass. We then covered the more advanced ones shown Saturday. We also covered the fundamentals of defense:
  1. Don't get there. The easiest way to defend a submission is to prevent it from ever being applied.
  2. Posture and breaking the hips. Create good posture keeping your opponent's upper body long and in front of you. Close the distance keeping their hips close to yours. Stand if you are able and shake them off.
Often times fight training is not optimal for you. Partners may be the wrong size, skill level, area of interest, or whatever. You have to make do with what you got. My schedule is limited as are training partners my size and level. I coach myself a lot. All of these are not ideal, but I must make do with what I have. For example, today we had three of us getting ready for fights in July. So I devised a psychological conditioning round using two feeders, one with focus mitts and one with thai and shin pads. Every 30 seconds for 3 minutes the holders switched, starting with a reaction. There was a 30 seconds rest break after 3 minutes. Thus the fighter never got comfortable and the holders could feed rapid, hard rounds with rest breaks. After 2 rounds we finished with a cardio round in a similar vein:

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