JKD & BJJ A little flow

In JKD and BJJ last night we worked a nice flow:
  1. Angled cross collar choke
    Insert one hand deep and grab collar, thumb toward neck, palm toward you. Off angle toward your shoulder (the one with collar control). Adjust your guard so that your knee covers the collar control hand. With your other hand, grip the gi fold just over the trapezius (palm away), loop your elbow down and under the neck.
  2. Armbar from guard
    When people get choked they posture, trying to pull their head away. To do this they will extend their arm. Traverse the leg over shoulder to over the head, apply the armbar. Do not let go of the choke until the armbar is locked in.
  3. Sweep to cross arm bar
    Now to defend the armbar your opponent stacks you. Take your arm nearest their legs and slip it under their thigh. Lift this thigh as you pivot your legs 90o toward your far shoulder, and push your opponent to their back for the armbar.
If your opponent defends the cross armbar with the "flip off" defense (arm triangling their endangered arms) there are three clever ways to defend:Of course there are a million ways to break your opponent down from the armbar position (e.g. goose necks, "shake-rattle-and-roll", striking, foot in the elbow, etc.).
I also saw an interesting application from half-guard using the forearm in the neck to set-up a choke (wing elbow to the ceiling) creating space for return to closed or hooks-inside guard.

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