GJ Scratch that the new record is 5!

We started with shadowboxing and then reviewed the Dave Rogers' 9 count. We then did some alternating level changing attribute drills:
  1. Kick to sprawl
  2. 2 turn forward roll 2 (this may be called the Ninja Drill)
  3. Spin around your fist to combinations
Next we worked on some core combinations, skill flows, and attribute drills. Core combinations (CC) are the basic alphabet and grammar of technique. You must know and excel at these basics to become proficient and they will appear over and over again in your training and sparring. Skill flows (SF) are longer compositions (words/sentences?) of the fight game and develop strings of techniques. It is doubtful that you will ever perform an entire skill flow, especially the longer ones, but you will use fragments in sequence to achieve your tactical goals. Attribute drills (AD) use sequences of technique to work on concepts of the fight game. It is doubtful that you will repeatedly see exactly what happens in the drill, but you will often see something similar to it. The idea is then to train a drill to cover a wide variety of general scenarios all depending on a single attribute. The attributes can be simple or multifactorial, e.g. from speed to clinching.Next we worked on plum isolating the neck control. We worked achieving the neck control by swimming, using neck control by twisting and bear hugging. We then switched to the basic pummeling drill and tried achieving either high or low double underhooks.
Lastly I covered the basic pummeling switch to arm drag. Here we open the pummeling space and cross grab the medial triceps to obtain the arm drag. We can use this to obtained a rear hip control, Marcelo Garcia grip, or kahata jime (lateral arm triangle) among others.

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