Transition Timing

This is actually an idea adapted from my JKD instructor Jack McVicker, the idea is to isolate specific tools and ranges but then to combine them via the transitions necessary to move from one to the other. For our training we worked three ranges/tool sets:
  1. Jab and tiip (lead and rear)
  2. Boxing (no kicks or knees)
  3. Knee play
We did two minute rounds spending anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds in each range. In the 3 seconds needed transition from one set to another, all rules are off either side can (safely) use any tool to bridge the gap needed to move from knees to boxing to long range kicking.
You can break any fight down and isolate skills like this. For example, if we are getting ready for a grappling tournament we might do rounds of first take down interspersed with rounds of passing the guard and escaping from disadvantage position. For MMA you might put in G & P rounds and clinch work with takedowns.
This a cerebral more than a physical exercise. People become fatigued and get hit in this because transitions are where are the most difficult moments in a fight, the "rules" of engagement are most variable at these moments. At no point are you allowed to become "comfortable" thereby replicating some of the unease experienced in competition and hopefully modeling adaptive behaviors for these situations.

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