JKD & BJJ Knee on stomach

We worked the side underhook clinch to the uchi-mata ankle pick. Get a strong underhook and put the top of your head directly into their lateral jaw. Step in front and reap their thigh (above the knee) up and laterally, immediately followed by grabbing their far ankle. We did two set-ups, off the jab and the jab-cross. Use the parry of either to warp the arm into the underhook clinch position.

We also worked to the knee on stomach position today:
Acquiring the position
From sidemount grab the cross collar and apply neck pressure. The inferior hand reaches across the body and bases on floor. Now slide knee up across opponent's body, placing full weight on shin across body and balancing off extended other leg.
Cross collar to mount
Use a cross collar choke to force opponent to protect neck with hands, slide to mount position.
Baseball Bat Choke
Insert superior hand on collar on near side of neck and insert rear hand on far side of neck, hands touching. Drop inferior shoulder to solar plexus and walk around opponent's head to cinch the choke.
180o armbar
This is one of my favorite moves -- can't do it worth a damn but still cool. Use knee on stomach to force opponent to push on up knee, drop toes on mat to absorb pressure. Insert inferior arm superior (above) the forearm and pull up. Step superior foot across body, over opponent's head as if to kick them in the back. Grab their belt with your free hand and spin 180o to the cross body armbar position with the new inferior leg bent on the near side of your opponent. Tighten the arm bar as usual.
Arm wrench
This is another "hug" lock. Your opponent exposes their arm in the sidemount position. Underhook it with the inferior arm and step over their head with the superior leg. Slide to a point just distal to their elbow joint and use your arms to hug their straight arm applying counter pressure with the crook over your neck and shoulder.

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