Open Roll The Brazilian's Take Over

This was a practice dominated by Portuguese! They had a quorum so of course we had to do some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We did a number of 6 minute rolls followed by passing the guard "king of the hill" with the guy off the wall calling top or bottom.
Odilon showed a neat little arm bar from mount variation. Controlling the arm with your arm nearest partner's head and his near pant leg while partner defends arm bar. The leg controlling the chest and inserted next to your partner's neck on the side nearest you. Create a scissor action on the head, it won't submit the person but it takes a lot of strength and fight out of them. Could also transition into a cross body biceps slicer using inserted foot. This variation fits in neatly with concepts of an active mount. It may not be the highest percentage technique but it adds options and flexibility to situation that can become untenable. It's not the first choice, but part of an algorithm of creating offense and preventing the loss of position.
This evening I started reflecting on the last days of the Combat Room and created a small tribute to it.

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