JKD & BJJ Clocks and turtles, oh my!

OK so after a few hundred psychiatry questions, Andy and I worked on our double stick passing drill with the returned strikes.

From open, right roof, left pass (takes shots from the left side)
Right back hand (meet with stick)
Left forehand
Right back hand (from crossed under position)
Left forehand redondo
From closed, left roof, right pass (the "Be My Only Sunshine", takes shots from the right side)
Right forehand
Left back hand (from crossed under position)
Right forehand redondo
Return to open

BJJ Conditioning Drills

Clock chokes

More on the turtle defense mentioned 12/11, from the rear mount hooks inside, facing up position, keep the arms tight to your body and inside partner's hooks.

  1. Put your feet on the floor and scoot away from him
  2. Straighten one leg and "wing" your elbow, removing the hook
  3. Hip out to this side, and spin to control other leg

I wrestled a bit after practice today, not eating following yesterday's undefined gastritis left me a little "peaked". But anyway I played more with the armdrag setups to armbar/sweep/etc. Alternatives that are opening up are of course switching side to side and starting with the sweep to set up the armbar.

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