BJJ: Attacking the Turtle

We reviewed methods for attacking the turtle as presented by the Kyle Watson. The basic control position is the sprawl, laces in the dirt, with the hips directed into the head and shoulders of your opponent. With the kimono, grab the triceps area and push into the mat. The techniques reviewed were:
  1. Clock Choke (relógio)
    Assume rear side control. Personally like to insert the knee after I grab the cross collar but that's probably because I have large thighs and usually end up defeating my own choke. The hand closest to your opponent's head grabs the cross collar. The other hand can control any portion of your opponent, the pant leg at the hip or ankle, the far wrist, or even sliding your triceps on the near side of the face. In any case the choke works by cropping your weight across the your opponent's neck and shoulders, placing maximal torque on the spine while simultaneously pulling your elbow toward the ceiling.
  2. Anaconda Choke
    From the sprawl, insert one hand to grab the cross collar, while the other arm overhooks and then reaches back toward you. The cross collar grip should be snug but not tight as you will need a little play. Dive your head into the "hole" created by your over hook arm, rolling your opponent to their back. As you transition, your choke will tighten while your other hand pops beneath their head, this is accomplished by hip heisting from parallel supine position to a perpendicular (prone) side mount.
  3. Crucifix Choke
    Assume rear side control, with the hand nearest the head pull their near hand away and hook with your near leg, underhook the opposite arm with your other hand. You can attempt to arm bar with your legs and pelvis by sliding distally on the first snared arm and extending your legs. If this fails, transition control of the arm to your other leg and somersault forward, landing on your back with your opponents limbs outstretched laterally. The hand of the arm that has arm control should go to your ear (imagine you have an earache). Now use your free hand to reach around your opponent's neck and grab the collar closest to your head. The arm control forearm now drops posterior to the neck to complete the choke.
  4. Figure 4 Turn Over
    Start in the front sprawl, insert one overhook, place your opposite hand on the occipital surface of your opponents skull, and complete a figure 4 with the overhook. Using this increased leverage push your opponents head toward your knee on the overhook side to roll them to side mount.
  5. Atomic Wedgie Rear Mount
    From rear side control secure a grip on your opponents belt with your inferior hand, transition behind them while standing, pinching with your shins. Secure the grip on the opposite side of the belt. Stand and jerk them upward to open the access for the hooks, and tehn drop your weight backward into the rear mount position.
  6. The Flip Over
    From the rear mount position, dismount and turn 180° leaving one hook in and standing next to your opponent. With your far hand grab the skirt of the gi while at the top grab the collar, sit while lifting your opponent with the hook and skirt grip to flip the to their back. You should end in a position to cross arm bar or with your opponent's head on your inner thigh while the calf hooks the far arm. From here you can choke.

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