GJ Tying Up Cats

Today we started with warm-up and then practiced break falls. We then discussed the hip toss, first set-up positions:
The front set-up occurs typically from any tie up where you and your opponent are anterior to anterior. From here you will cross step your front foot and rotate 180o so that you eclipse your partner's hips with your own. Your hips displace their hips as your arms pull them through throw. The throw is accomplished by:
  • Rotation
  • Hip displacement from the front
  • Bending at the waist
The side set-up occurs off a side clinch position, their arm over your shoulder posteriorly. That is, your anterior to their lateral side, in other words, your belly button to their hip. Control the body and far arm. Now step in front of your opponent, displacing their hips and throwing forward. This version is accomplished by:
  • Lateral pressure
  • Lateral hip displacement directed posteriorly
  • Bending at the waist
Next we talked about grips/holds for performing the throw, much of which I believe is dependent on the body morphology differences between thrower and throwee (uke and tori if you will):
This version is essentially an overhook. Arm control is in the direction of the throw and over their arm. Body control is typically around the head. Hook their head/neck with your arm and punch for the floor. This works well if you are taller than your opponent.
This version uses an underhook for body control. Insert an underhook for body control and drive that hand in the direction of the throw to the floor.
This version works well if you are shorter than your opponent. Make a scooping motion at the hip with the body control hand, lifting them as you displace them.
This is the "wrestler-variant" in which rather than having individual arm and body control we bear hug and throw. This tightens the throw making it more difficult to achieve but also harder to defend. The hug can be over both arms, 50-50 (over-under) or double under.
Anything that uses the hip as pivot point is in my opinion a hip toss. We covered two variations:
Outside hip toss (Sambo variation)
This is a backwards side clinch set-up, their arm is not over your shoulder but across your front directed anteriorly. Your anterior arm has over control cupping just proximal to the elbow. Your posterior arm controls at the hip. Now step in using the side entrance set-up and hip toss. Their head will rotate in a small circle as their legs make a wider loop.

Outside reap (harai goshi)
"High on the thigh for harai" -- Shonie Carter
This is a hip toss with a reap, that is, rather than throwing them over your hip you throw them over your thigh. As you pivot/pressure and begin to displace use your reaping leg's thigh against their thigh, increasing the torque of the throw (longer axis, more force). There should be no knee stress. You must have good basic hip toss balance to advanced to what is essentially a one-legged hip toss.
For our pad work we worked on clinch fighting using a couple of different rounds and drills
  1. Focus Mitt Pummeling (focus mitts and belly pad)
    • Rip/Counter Rip
    • Break 3 Reclinch
    • Knees
    • Takedown
  2. MMA-style Dirty Boxing (focus mitts and belly pad)
    • Body Cover Front-Lead Uppercut-Cross-Lead Hook
    • Body Cover Front-Rear Uppercut-Lead Hook-Cross
    • "Fall" -- Back fall, kick to belly pad, tactical stand-up, cross-hook-cross
    • "Sprawl" -- Sprawl, pop up, cross-hook-cross
    • Evade to Back
  3. Punch Knee Combinations (thai pads and belly pad)
    • Jab-Knee
    • Knee-Cross
    • Cross-Knee
    • Cross-Hook-Knee
    • Hook-Cross-Knee
    With any combination ending with a knee you can transition your partner into three skip knees and turn, until you want them to throw you to punch or kick range (e.g. finishing with cross-hook-cross or head kick). You can also do the "Fall" and "Sprawl" sequences.
  4. Conditioning Round (thai pads) (4 minute round)
    • 30 seconds distance drill
    • 30 seconds 3 knees, 3 punches drill
    • 30 seconds wall squat with punches
    • 30 seconds partner carry
    • 30 seconds 3 punches, back fall, kick off, stand
    • 30 seconds wall squat with punches
    • 30 seconds 3 knees, 3 punches drill
    • 30 seconds distance drill
As for tying up cats...I have absolutely no idea what that means (although it does happen in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Full-Color Collector's Edition)" (C. S. Lewis)). However should I ever see anyone doing that I'd beat them senseless with a tennis racket. Why? Because they'd stay conscious longer than with more robust sports equipment.

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