JKD & BJJ Drilling

Today we started working in the mirror throwing sets of 10Next we worked single stick long range to sumbrada to hubud, adding disarms in subsequent rounds. I think the biggest mistake people make is forgetting that the stick is a weapon, when we wave it around we're trying to hit/hurt people with it, not just perform poor baton practice (yes, very Dog Brothers of me). Next we worked on single (foam) stick sparring and progressed into double vs. single stick. Double stick is mentally and coordination-wise harder and should be played at long range. The single stick wielder needs to close.
Next we drilled essential basics:We also covered the hip toss from "T-bone" position (your belly button to their hip). Insert the head hook, that is the top of your head in the side of their neck. Control the kimono posteriorly just above the belt as well as the opposite arm at the elbow. Step your posterior leg through to hip toss. If they block, yank forward, then sit extending your rear leg across their ankles/calves and pulling them to straight back to the ground. Come up to side mount. We finished with 30 second sets of escaping the mount and side mount.
Keeping this short, I'm off to the Total Fight Challenge.

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