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Welcome. Jokerjitsu.com is a resource for effective self-defense and combat sports at the level of a skilled amateur. I'm not about to be a professional martial artist nor am I a guru full of nearly divine wisdom. What I am is a guy who loves to train and can hopefully pass on something beneficial to you, even if it's only a spurious thought on the nature of what we do. I also hope to learn by having thoughts, concepts, and opinions passed to me via this site. The yin and yang of martial arts and combat sports training, reinterpreted on the internet.
Almost everything on here is my opinion, whether it's right, wrong, educated, or foolish that decision is yours. If you wish to discuss something here contact me or post a comment in areas where that's allowed. And remember:
No one is right all the time.
No one way is always best.
No one teacher knows everything.
Flee or beat mercilessly anyone who claims any or all of the above.
A final note: Yes, every gym has a guy named Joker, I'm the one from mine, so I took a theme and ran with it.
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